Star riders are users that pay money to access special features in the game.

Benefits of becoming a Star Rider

  • Do quests only Star Riders can access
  • Unlock more areas in the game
  • Teach your horse how to jump
  • Get a virtual currency called "Star Coins" that can be used to buy special items
  • Amazing clothes tack and even new horses! *Unlock ALL the places in Jorvik!

Cost to become a Star rider

  • 1 month- Costs $7.49- Comes with 100 Star Coins
  • 3 months- Costs $19.50- Comes with 300 Star Coins
  • 6 months- Costs $31.99- Comes with 600 Star Coins
  • LIFETIME- Costs $69.95- Comes with 1200 Star Coins- Pay once and never have to renew your membership!